Buzz Collector Profile: John Heckert, a 12-year-old Cleveland (& more) fan

DSCN1761John Heckert
Website: None
Work away from cards: 
Collecting since: 

Main focuses: I collect mainly baseball and football cards, but I collect a bit of basketball and hockey. Also autographs.

Favorite players/teams: My favorite player is Grady Sizemore and my favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians. Although he’s a free agent, I decided to start a collection of him a few months ago. For football, my favorite player is Golden Tate and my favorite team is the Detroit Lions. I also like the Browns.

Current collecting projects: I am collecting Grady Sizemore cards and I have decided to try to get the complete 1967 Philadelphia football set because I like the look of the design. My goal is to add 10 cards a year and make it a project that won’t cost a ton but take a while.

DSCN1699One cool card: My one cool card would be my Odell Beckham Jr. laundry tag 1/1 from a 2015 NSCC Panini Gold Pack. It was pulled on the website MojoBreak.

One cool stat: I actually have four cool stats for a collector my age. They are my amount of cards, rookies, patches and autographs. Cards: 45,893. Rookies: 4,994. Patches: 61. Autographs: 49

Best pull: At the 2015 NSCC, I bought a hobby box of 2013 Panini Prizm. It was kind of a bad box about two-thirds of the way through, but then I pulled a amazing Matt Harvey Gold numbered to 10.

A fellow collector says: “John has worked so hard on this and has got a really good collection. He never gives up and that is part of why he has an amazing collection He has a great Grady Sizemore collection. It is really cool that he is only 12, but has so many cards.” — Ben Heckert, brother and fellow collector

In his own words: Some people laugh when I talk about my cards and call me crazy. I happen to like this hobby and find it fun. I feel like more kids are getting into collecting, which is good. I think all sports fans would like this hobby, whether they buy low-end or high-end. I also want to thank everyone who helps me with collecting like my brother who helps me organize. He also helped me count up my cards for this, which was no easy task.

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