#BuzzWorthyPulls Week 2 — Show us your best Panini America pull


Note: This week’s contest is now closed. Find the new one by searching for #BuzzWorthyPulls at right or hitting the contests section.

Our weekly Blowout #BuzzWorthyPulls Contest is back. Every single Saturday we’ll launch a new post where all you have to do is show off your biggest, newest card via a photo posted on Twitter and here on BlowoutBuzz.com.

BuzzWorthyPulls-LOGOblogYour prize if you’re the winner? A $25 BlowoutCards.com gift certificate.

This week’s contest & instructions (read closely): Show your best Panini pull. 

Step 1 — Take your photo. This must either be a selfie with the card or an image of the card with paper that has #buzzworthypulls hand-written on it. Be sure to show the card clearly. No exceptions.

Step 2 — Tweet us and tag it. Tweet your pic to @blowoutbuzz and @blowoutcards and you must include the #BuzzWorthyPulls tag. You don’t have to say anything else but if you need to add a detail (“Card is a 1/5.”) you can.

Step 3 — Copy-and-paste that tweet into a comment posted on this thread. (This helps us keep track of things.) We’ll only consider one entry per person per week — so make it count. If you don’t copy your tweet here, you can’t win. Simple as that.

What’s next? Be Patient and wait for the following Saturday … we’ll announce a winner either in the early morning or in the evening (depends on Buzz’s schedule). The winner will be notified on Twitter and noted in the comments for that week. The comments will then be closed. At the same time, we’ll post the next contest and you can enter there.

Are you ready to win? You know what to do … show us your #BuzzWorthyPulls.

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8 thoughts on “#BuzzWorthyPulls Week 2 — Show us your best Panini America pull

  1. BlowoutBuzz January 30, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    Jeffrey Detter is this week’s winner. Keep them coming for next week!


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