Long-term Fanatics deal already changing look of things for collectors on MLB.com

A big business deal announced last June probably didn’t generate much Buzz for collectors then, but it’s a big deal that’s already helping shape MLB fans’ collections.

Last year, Fanatics signed a 17-year-deal to handle the electronic stores on MLB.com and team sites — and as part of the move that began this year collectors of autographs and game-used memorabilia are already seeing more options on their teams’ sites. The pact runs through 2033.

So, what might be found on the sites now?

thumb.aspx-2Well, the answer is a little bit of everything as many of the types of items found on the old sites can be found — autographed displays, autographed items and so on — but also now with the Fanatics-specific items and players. It seems everything from low-end game-used baseballs to pricey high-end pieces like game-used fielding gloves is in play. That means you can find autographed — and game-used — items from guys like Kris Bryant, for example.

How can you find out what’s available for your team? It’s as simple as hitting the collectibles and memorabilia button and filtering by game-used or autographed — for all teams.

The simplicity of finding and searching for the items is the start — more inventory and items are likely to come over time. Before, serious items were either not available or only available for some teams.

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