eBay Buzz: Topps Star Wars Force Awakens Mystery Autograph Redemption tops $2,000 mark


The last time we had checked in on the Mystery Redemption from 2015 Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 1 it had sold for big bucks on eBay — going for $1,700.

(Spoiler alert: It was initially revealed to be for an autograph of Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, though Topps Marketing Communications Manager Susan Lulgjuraj said there is not yet a confirmed subject for the card.)

But now an actual sale has gone even higher.

Earlier this month, a copy of the redemption topped the $2,000 mark, selling for $2,050 via a Best Offer in this auction. That has helped inflate asking prices for the card in active auctions as cards continue to be tucked away into personal collections.

The five active auctions for the redemptions are as follows:

— $2,999.99 or best offer

— $2,399.99 or best offer

— $2,349.99 or best offer

— $2,199.99 or best offer

— $1,999.99 or best offer

The 23-year-old has never had a certified autograph before and will be a fixture as the lead in future Star Wars films. The next one arrives in late 2017 and is filming now.

The Force Awakens has grossed more than $879 million in the U.S. — a record — and $1.9 billon worldwide in less than six weeks. The world-wide mark is third-best all-time after Avatar and Titanic, though the film is still in theaters.

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