Upper Deck e-Pack meshes digital cards with physical delivery option

ePack1Fans of digital card apps may have a new pastime with a new Upper Deck app revealed on Thursday that offers a digital collecting experience with the option of claiming physical cards.

It’s Upper Deck e-Pack.

According to the company, “users can instantly purchase and open packs online at anytime, from anywhere. Entire card collections can be easily viewed, sorted and stored digitally, eliminating the need for any physical storage space, while still providing an exciting pack-opening experience. What makes e-Pack’s patent pending technology truly unique is the ability to have actual physical versions of digital cards mailed out at any time.”

e-pack2The program will begin with 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 hockey cards today at the NHL All-Star Game’s festivities and the packs will include Code to Greatness and Instant Impressions inserts along with foilboard base cards and Young Guns parallels. (Yep, Connor McDavid is among them.)

“Never before has a company seamlessly connected the digital and physical world of trading card collecting” said Jason Masherah, President of Upper Deck. “There is no way to replace an autographed card or a card with a piece of game-used jersey in the digital world. Using e-Pack, collectors can now easily open packs, boxes and even cases online and then decide if they want cards delivered directly to them.”

According to the company, collectors will be able to link their accounts with COMC.com to buy and sell the cards.

e-Pack-costCollectors get a free pack for logging in each day — a three-card pack when Buzz tested it today receiving David Pastrnak, Max Pacioretty and Tyler Johnson. Standard packs will cost $3.99, while a box of 24 packs is $89.99 and a case of 12 boxes is $1,049.99.

For more information, visit www.upperdeckepack.com.

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