Will “Catching Kelce” turn into collecting Kelce? Perhaps …

Travis-KelceKansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce will be the star of a reality TV show that revolves around his dating life — and, believe it or not, there’s a shot that it could spark added interest in his football cards.

E! Entertainment announced this week that it has eight episodes of Catching Kelce coming soon and in a story to deadline.com an E! executive described why the player was chosen.

“On top of being a well-respected athlete, Travis has a fun-loving, over the top personality that draws people to him,” E! executive vice president Jeff Olde said. “We are excited to give our viewers an up-close look at his search for love.”

So, why might this mean something for his football cards?

jesse-palmerIt’s purely anecdotal at this point, but if this show ends up with a strong following we’ve seen it happen before — short-term bumps in sale value that make no sense other than non-collectors competing for cards. (And it’s probably not a stretch to assume the main E! demographic is not the typical card-buying demographic.)

Back in 2004, former Florida Gators QB and New York Giants bust Jesse Palmer was on Season 5 of The Bachelor and values for his autographed cards spiked dramatically in some instances. A $10 card could become a $50 or $75 card because of a bidding war. Yes, it was all short-lived and the show was well-established on television at that point — but it happened. (You can get an autograph for next-to-nothing now.)

vince-papaleCollectors have also seen movies make an impact in collectibles — two football examples being Michael Oher and The Blind Side or Vince Papale and Invincible. Oher’s autographs were pricey for some time — perhaps because offensive linemen autos aren’t exactly certified autograph fodder — while Papale had very little cardboard from back in 1977 for collectors to chase when his story came to life as a Mark Wahlberg Disney movie in 2006. Papale went on to many new cardboard appearances, while Oher hasn’t signed much of anything for football sets since his rookie year and the movie’s debut in 2009. The movies are a big reason why collectors would want their cards today.

Sure, TV is a different animal these days but one thing helping fuel audiences is social media — for both the personalities involved in shows as well as their marketing. A new show about an NFL player could be ripe for clicks and extra exposure that weren’t as utilized in the past.

It also doesn’t hurt that Kelce’s a pretty solid young player on the field, either, as one of the better tight ends in the league and a guy with plenty of cards made since his debut in 2013.

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