Luis Severino’s Topps Authentics debut comes with 2016 Topps Chrome Jumbo autos

Luis-Severino-2016-topps-chrome-jumbo-superfractor-topps-authenticNew York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino is the latest Topps Authentics player and his autograph line debut arrived on Tuesday with a rainbow of 2016 Topps Chrome Jumbo Autos as well as signed memorabilia.

The Superfractor opened at $499.99, while the basic auto was $89.99. Four other colors were limited between five and 50 copies and priced in between.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.54.19 AMOther items in the initial autograph lineup included signed baseballs starting at $79.99, a signed bat and signed road jerseys,

Topps’ memorabilia line has signed Red Sox pitcher Henry Owens, reigning American League Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa and Severino. The company also recently teased that there will be more TA announcements to come.

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