Don’t flip out … Jose Bautista’s 2016 Topps baseball card is hot (for now)

BatsDon’t flip out, but there’s a pretty hot base card in 2016 Topps baseball cards because of a great (and controversial) moment and some mainstream media coverage.

It’s Jose Bautista‘s card No. 96 in the set and it’s sold on eBay pretty well.

How well? How about $20 well and that one’s not alone. There are also bulk lots that are getting attention because it’s a memorable moment captured on cardboard. Rarer parallels of the card also are commanding good cash.

The card was shown at the close of MLB Network’s Hot Stove morning show and that means it will probably pop up elsewhere, too. Will it continue to be expensive? Of course not — but the appeal, especially with Blue Jays fans, probably won’t diminish.

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