Geek Gallery: Creative everyday items for movie & TV fans

1dbd_flux_capacitor_car_chargerWhen it comes to the sports world, there’s plenty of licensed merchandise for fans to use in their daily lives when they’re not focused on baseball, football or whatever their pastime may be.

But why can’t it be more creative? Sure, maybe the sports world doesn’t translate as well to fun merch like what you see here — it’s is one of a few items found via

What is it? It’s a USB car charger — but what it really is a Flux Capacitor that will transform your vehicle into a time machine. Or something. Keep reading to see a few more cool things that can geek up your day …

1cca_iron_man_fuel_cellIf you use your smartphone often, you probably have the challenge of keeping it juiced up. Tony Stark can help with this Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell. The drawback here? Its size and its $99.99 cost — and the fact that it doesn’t transform into your on personal Iron Man suit. (That and it’s sold out on the site.)

imsj_sw_chewbacca_can_coolerWe all know there’s that one guy among your Super Bowl watch party who’ll be grumbling and roaring if the drinks aren’t kept cool. A Wookiee koozie might work — as long as you let him (and his team) win.

Check out a few more items in the gallery below.

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