The Avengers are focus of latest Upper Deck Gallery print series

hawkeye-variant-printTwo members of The Avengers are the first super heroes who are subjects of a new release from the Upper Deck Gallery as part of a larger portfolio available in two versions.

Hawkeye and Black Widow are the first of a six-poster series showing the group in action using a Japanese woodblock presentation. Artist Marcelo Baez has created the series, which will be unveiled in pairs each Thursday by the company.

black-widow-printThe standard full-color versions are limited to just 250 copies apiece at $29.99, while a variant version is capped at 100 copies for $49.99. They are 12- by 18-inch pieces.

“Mixing 17th century Japanese woodblock art with Marvel’s mightiest heroes seemed like such an amazing opportunity to employ the unique design concepts of Ukiyo-e and the amazing kinetic energy influence of Jack Kirby,” Baez said. “I’m amazed how naturally Japanese master artist styles like Hokusai and Kuniyoshi fuse with the dynamic Marvel universe.”

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