Super Bowl Commercials … watch some of the cool ones right here

Super-Bowl-50-LogoYou won’t see any sports card companies selling cardboard during Super Bowl 50, but there will be plenty of collectors watching Super Bowl commercials and Buzz will share some favorites here as they arrive during the game.

Which one is best? Tell Buzz here or on Twitter …

Super Bowl Commercial: Skittles
Buzz’s Take: Marshawn Lynch might have something to say about this one …

Super Bowl Commercial: Chunky Soup
Buzz’s Take: A classy football-related commercial that would make Donovan McNabb’s mom proud.

Super Bowl Commercial: X-Men Apocalypse
Buzz’s Take: Buzz hadn’t seen anything for this one, so it was pretty striking. (Meanwhile, 41 million of you have seen the previous trailer since December on just one YouTube account … Buzz was apparently in Star Wars mode back then.)

Super Bowl Commercial: Bud Light
Buzz’s Take: In what’s likely to be a series of commercials, Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer spoof politics. (For the record, neither one has a certified auto … just saying.)

Super Bowl Commercial: Doritos
Buzz’s Take: The leader for the creepiest and funniest commercial in the game so far …

More to come … keep reading.

Super Bowl Commercial: Taco Bell
Buzz’s Take: Buzz just wants a Quesalupa — it might not be that good, but Buzz needs to know. Either way, welcome to the jungle …

Super Bowl Commercial: Mountain Dew
Buzz’s Take: Puppy Monkey Baby … just creepy.

Super Bowl Commercial: 10 Cloverfield Lane
Buzz’s Take: Ok, this isn’t the exact movie trailer but it’s a J.J. Abrams production and looks good.

Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola
Buzz’s Take: Ant-Man and The Incredible Hulk team up to sell some sugar water in little cans.

Super Bowl Commercial: Hyundai Genesis
Buzz’s Take: Kevin Hart might have just sold some Hyundai.

Super Bowl Commercial: Snickers
Buzz’s Take: It may make you never want to eat a Snickers ever again, but it’s one that will be talked about.

Super Bowl Commercial: T-Mobile
Buzz’s Take: Take a forgettable pair of commercials comparing phone services and add Steve Harvey admitting a mistake. The result is better than the forgettable pair of commercials. Or something.

Super Bowl Commercial: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Buzz’s Take: Not the flashiest CGI movie trailer of the night but comic book, cartoon and video game fans of a younger age likely love this one. (Maybe some older fans, too.)

Super Bowl Commercial: Pokemon
Buzz’s Take: This one might surprise some card collectors, but there’s plenty of money being made with the trading card games. Even more surprising? How little Pokemon is seen in the ad.

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