It’s National Pizza Day … do you have The Noid’s Rookie Card?

Avoid-the-Noid-CouponToday’s apparently National Pizza Day, and, while it’s totally one of those meaningless Internet holidays, it’s still real.

And so is this baseball card.

In 1988, the Detroit Tigers’ 1968 championship was revisited in a forgettable card set that included this “Avoid The Noid” coupon card. If you don’t remember The Noid — or past pizza sets — keep reading.

All you need to know about The Noid is above but food issues have showcased pizza brands for decades, though perhaps more in the past than today. The set it’s from? It’s the 1988 Domino’s Pizza Salutes the 1968 World Champion Detroit Tigers set.

A quick search of for “Pizza” yields sets as far back as 1967 (Pro’s Pizza Color Discs) along with …

1975 Shakey’s Pizza West Coast Greats, 1986 Jeno’s Pizza Rolls NFL Action Stickers, 1988 Domino’s Pizza Seattle Seahawks Collector’s Series, 1988-89 Pizza Hut Denver Nuggets Police, the 1990 Topps Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles set (of course), 1990-91 NBA Hoops Round Table Pizza Golden State Warriors Team Night, 1991 Upper Deck Domino’s Pizza Quarterback Challenge, 1991-92 Fleer Tony’s Pizza, 1992 Pizza Hut Universal Studios Monsters Holograms, 1992-93 Fleer Tony’s Pizza, 1993 Upper Deck Lite Beer/Tombstone Pizza Super Bowl Showdown Series, 1994 Pinnacle Tombstone Pizza Discs, 1994 Score Tombstone Pizza, 1995 Tombstone Pizza Classic Quarterback Series, 1995 Tombstone Pizza Milkcaps, 1995 Tombstone Pizza Super-Pro Series,1999 Totino’s Pizza Team Totino’s Game Cards, 2000 Connie’s Pizza Kane County Cougars, 2000 Conoco/Pizza Hut Oklahoma Sooners NCAA National Championship Teams,2001-02 Donatos Pizza Columbus Blue Jackets and 2004 Donruss Playoff Pepsi/Pizza Hut Cleveland Browns.

That’s a lot of pizza … and that’s not even all of the sets out there. Food issues aren’t necessarily worth the licensing costs these days, but they sure can add to the collecting challenges if someone tries to chase them all.

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