Let’s revisit 1967 Topps errors for a 2016 Topps Heritage variation primer

2016-Topps-Heritage-StantonWe’re less than a month away from the release of 2016 Topps Heritage baseball cards, the annual trek to the past that includes errors and variations as an added homage to the past year within the new product.

In advance of the March 2 release, Buzz was wondering about which mistakes are found in the 1967 Topps set — that’s this year’s throwback model — and what might be found. We don’t yet have a checklist from Topps for this year, but that will be telling. Why? Stars from the past teams will often match stars on present teams in the set if an error/correction is in play.

Here’s a rundown of the mistakes found in 1967 Topps …


No. 5 — Whitey Ford This Yankees Hall of Famer has his 1953 stats listed as 1933. It was not corrected.

No. 26 — Bob Priddy This Giants pitcher was traded to the Senators and the final line of text on his card was updated.

45 — Roger Maris A test version of this card did not make it into packs, but it listed him as a member of the Yankees instead of the Cardinals. (This might not make it into 2016 packs, either, but Buzz included it because it’s Maris.)

58 — Paul Schaal There’s a version of this Angels 3B’s card where the top part of his bat shown in the photo is green. It’s a problem with the negative that was corrected.

72 — Rookie Stars George Korince/John Matchick This isn’t the only Korince card in 1967 Topps. Why? Because the Korince on this card isn’t him at all. It’s a wrong photo and is believed to be James Brown. The real Korince is on card No. 526. Do the Tigers have any rookies worthy of some variations this year? Or will the honors go to a different guy … maybe Kyle Schwarber? We’ll see.

86 — Mike McCormick This guy has more than one version of his card and it all revolves around his trade from the Senators to the Giants. The bio changes at the bottom of the card.

128 — Ed Spiezio This Cardinals 3B has most of his name obscured by his bat on the error version of this card. It’s pretty dramatic compared to other errors here and it was corrected.

164 — Dwight Siebler On this uncorrected error, the Twins pitcher’s 1966 stats are mislabeled as 1960.

200 — Willie Mays This Giants Hall of Famer apparently played for “Sna Fran” in 1963. The mistake was not corrected.

250 — Hank Aaron According to his stats, this Braves Hall of Famer played the 1961 season twice. The error was not corrected.

254 — Milt Pappas This Reds pitcher’s card is missing its facsimile autograph on the front and was not corrected. Buzz bets it will be lost and found in 2016.

328 — Clete Boyer His 1966 stats are missing — an uncorrected error for this Brave.

374 — Mel Queen This Reds player’s correction is simple (meaningless) and odd. His card comes with and without a black line under his stat total line.

385 — Jim Fregosi This one’s just a fun oddity, not an error. The Angels shortstop is a right-hander but is posed batting as a left-handed batter in the photo. Perhaps this could be a fun oddity for, say, a Mike Trout card?

402 — Rookie Stars Grant Jackson & Billy Wilson Just like Queen, this one has a missing line under the stats. It also was corrected.

417 — Bob Bruce This Braves pitcher played for the “Rbaves,” according to the card back. The error was corrected.

427 — Ruben Gomez The stat totals line for this Phillies pitcher was mostly obscured on the error, which was corrected.

447 — Bo Belinsky This Astros pitcher’s 1967 season also was partly obliterated on the error but then restored.

454 — Juan Marichal The Hall of Famer’s left ear is missing on some versions of this checklist thanks to an artist who got a little carried away. (Who knew Vincent van Gogh worked for Topps?) Since there aren’t typically in-set checklists these days, this and two typos on other checklists aren’t likely to be revisited this year. But you never know …

456 — Phil Niekro This uncorrected error has the Braves pitcher with a .288 ERA in 1965.

Topps will keep with its other variations from recent years in this edition. It already has announced that it will have 20 throwback uniform photo variations, 25 action image variations and 25 team name color swaps.

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