Topps readies a Star Wars: The Force Awakens autograph for … BB-8?

StarWarsBB8It was no surprise that one of the stars of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the new droid in the franchise’s universe. Why? Because it was seen everywhere before the movie’s arrival, allowing us to marvel at the idea of a real robot — a head atop a rolling ball — being part of the action and not someone in a suit or something that’s purely computer-generated.

If you didn’t know, that robot was BB-8.

However, the news from Topps this week was a surprise as it’s going to have a BB-8 autographed card in 2016 Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 2 when it arrives late next month. How?

herringThe signer is Brian Herring, who was the operator of the robot. He’s got 19 actor credits and 11 crew credits on his IMDB page. What you won’t find there is a photo as it’s solely populated with images of his biggest role.

It’s not all that uncommon to have autographs from people who help bring characters to life in Star Wars sets with puppeteers and voice actors among past signers but past droids like R2-D2 and C-3PO have had actors inside of them. This card just seems a bit different.

One thing’s for sure, though — this card will undoubtedly be a popular one.

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