Grammy Awards get Garbage Pail Kids treatment as Shammys


Update (Feb. 26): These and the political GPKs have now been offered as 11-by-14 wall art prints on the Topps site.

Nine musicians will get mocked by the Garbage Pail Kids for one day only as Topps has unveiled a new line of stickers.

A pair of names for each standard-size sticker are available — either in pairs or as an entire 18-card set in the 2016 GPK The Shammys stickers.

GPK-Shammy1The recently departed Glenn Frey gets more of a tribute sticker, while more controversial artists like Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga take their shots in the release. Other acts in the set include Pink, Sia Furler, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine.

Single pairs are $9.99 apiece, while the entire set is $49.99. They are initially only available at and will only be sold for 24 hours. The production quantity will be announced by the company after the sale session ends.

Update: Here are the print runs as announced by Topps.

Kanye West — 281
Adam Levine — 272
Justin Beiber — 262
Lady Gaga — 257
Nicki Minaj — 256
Glenn Frey — 256
Pink — 254
Kendrick Lamar — 252
Sia — 251

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