What’s hotter than the hottest Marvel book from the hottest Marvel movie? Buzz’s boss knows …

Deadpool-New-Mutants-98-Original-ArtDeadpool‘s $150 million showing at the box office this past weekend was a landmark moment for both R-rated movies and a potential game-changer for comic book films, too.

DeadpoolIt set box-office records for its rating, records for its studio, records for its time of year and a few other fronts … and it all started for the character 15 years ago this month as The New Mutants was a Marvel Comics series that was winding down. Deadpool debuted in issue 98, which was called “The Beginning of the End Part 1” — the title’s final issue was just two months away.

The duo that created Deadpool was artist-writer Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza — and their work was seen by many readers that month but many, many more when X-Force No. 1 arrived a few months later. One of those books is one of the hottest in collecting today —  Mutants No. 98 — while the other is one that collectors of the Polybag Era have stashed away in bulk. (Buzz is right there with a few dozen in a box somewhere.)

But what’s got to be hotter than the hot book for the hottest movie of the moment?

X-Force-1-Original-ArtThat would be the original artwork from Mutants 98 — and probably X-Force 1 because that’s a logical future film in the wake of what Deadpool has done.

Where are these one of a kind pieces? They’ve been in the hands of a serious comic art collector for a few years, BlowoutCards.com owner Thomas Fish. His serious hobby away from the serious card-collecting business is finding the first appearances of memorable characters and they are both part of a stash that includes debuts of Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Mary Jane Watson and even the entire issue of the Jim Lee-drawn 1991 reboot of X-Men — the best-selling book in history.

“I picked them up within the last few years,” said Fish, whose collection also has included some memorable Todd McFarlane pieces from the recent past — serious items that have exploded in value at auction in recent years.

So, how hot might Deadpool’s first cover art be right now?

“I did get a six-figure offer this weekend for The New Mutants 98,” he said, “… and I passed.”

Deadpool is here to stay in his historic stash — but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking for some other key debuts. The cover of The New Mutants 87 — the debut of Cable, who is the leader of X-Force? That March 1990 art is on his want-list. Also on there is the debut of Harley Quinn, from The Batman Adventures No. 12 in September 1993.

Curious about what other art he has? Check out his ComicArtFans.com gallery here.

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