Upper Deck addresses e-Pack concerns with window between Series 2 product arrivals

ePack1Upper Deck released the following statement this week to address some dealers or collectors’ concerns about its e-Pack program that launched earlier this year. 

“Our goal with the program has always been to grow the hobby, and based on responses from fans participating in regions devoid of hobby shops, it appears to be working. The plan for 2015-16 NHL Upper Deck Series 2, and likely most releases going forward that have the e-Pack platform tied to them, is to provide our brick-and-mortar retailers with a window before e-Pack starts. Therefore, the earliest 2015-16 NHL Upper Deck Series 2 will be available on the e-Pack platform will be March 17. We will continue to monitor the market however to determine the best time for launch, but it will not happen before that date.

“Additionally, Upper Deck is looking forward to meeting with hobby partners at the Industry Summit this weekend where we will host a meeting on the e-Pack platform to brainstorm ideas on how we can best partner with our shops to help them maximize the benefits of this new collector base we are working to create. Hobby shop owners will continue to enjoy exclusivity on over a dozen hobby releases this season alone, so we are interested in helping them market those products to this audience. With the ease of use to give fans the opportunity to open packs anytime, anywhere, we believe we can create more collectors to stimulate and grow the hockey collectibles category.”

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