Decision 2016 cards taking shape with more details from creator

09SF HollyAuto_BKThe creator of Decision 2016 trading cards offered more details about the forthcoming product this week with a number of formats that the political product can be explored.

Why? Because it’s been a tumultuous political season so far.

“There is unprecedented interest in this year’s presidential election,” said Brian Wallos, who created the set. “With Donald Trump joining the race and other non-traditional candidates campaigning, we felt that creating a high-quality collection of presidential trading cards was a natural. Not only can people learn from these cards and even make more informed decisions about whom they might support, but they will now have an opportunity to memorialize this historic election campaign.”

So, what’s new?

09SF HollyAuto_BKWe now know configurations for the product that were not previously announced as well as a release date (see our First Buzz preview & gallery here).  Beginning March 8, there will be packs selling for $1.99 at Target stores, 12-pack blaster boxes for $19.95, a larger retail box for $39.95 and a hobby box for $69.95. They will also be available via Amazon, Shopify, hobby shops and through the Decision 2016 website,

The 110-card set will include 60 politicians cards, notable moments so far and even candidates for 2020 along with cards that focus on Trump, spouses and others who are all part of the spotlight.

“I believe these cards will be ‘must-haves’ not only for collectors but for political enthusiasts such as me, students and then again anyone who has an interest in this unprecedented election campaign,” Wallos said. “Hobbyists will like the collectability of the set, as presidential memorabilia ranks high among collectors’ interest and this unique set will surely earn a niche in that world.”

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