It’s a dirty job, but MLB will do it …

RedSox2013It’s a dirty job, but MLB‘s got to do it.

Fans of World Series teams and All-Star Game hosts in recent years can remember their big events with game-used dirt jars that can be found via buy-it-now listings MLB Auctions.

Sure, they are novelty items — but for casual collectors these small items will stand out as something both unique and affordable.

Angels2010ASThe All-Star Games from 2009 (Cardinals), 2010 (Angels), 2013 (Mets) and 2014 (Twins) are available for $24.99 plus $8.99 shipping (and $1.99 for each additional). The World Series teams from 2009 (Phillies), 2010 (Giants), 2013 (Red Sox), 2014 (Royals) and 2015 (Royals and Mets) are among listings in the MLB Archives Auction presently running.

Other items include bases and balls from All-Star Home Run Derby events in 2010-11 and 2015,  World Series baseballs from 2014, All-Star Game baseballs and balls used in notable players’ milestone games.  All of the items are buy-it-now pieces and not items subject to auctions.

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