Absolute Basketball redemptions bring “glass” back to packs

panini-america-2015-16-absolute-basketball-glass-redemptions14Collectors who have torn into boxes of the recently released 2015-16 Absolute Basketball set from Panini America may have found redemptions for cards that are new but also a throwback of sorts.

They’re found one per case and they’re called Glass.

panini-america-2015-16-absolute-basketball-qc1021Panini began shipping the cards out to collectors this week and offered a glimpse at the cards online on Wednesday. It’s a 20-card set and you can see all of the cards below.

Demand for the cards has been relatively stout, though standard cards might not be as impressive as the etched glass displays that this brand included as box bonuses in MLB and NFL releases more than a decade ago. The new cards are out-selling those old creations, though.

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