Buzz Collector Profile: Adam Williams aka whodey14

20160223_173638_zpsmeyrqhdoAdam Williams
Also known as: whodey14 on Blowout, sportcardking on YouTube or Instagram
Location: Kentucky
Work away from cards: Car salesman
Collecting since: 2006

Main focuses: Bengals, Reds and Celtics as well as side player collections of Walter Payton, Deacon Jones, Otto Graham, Oscar Robertson and other Hall of Famers.

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite players/teams: Ken Anderson and the Cincinnati Bengals

Current collecting projects: Trying to get at least one of every Ken Anderson item. Memorabilia as well. His Prestige Banner Seasons Auto /25 and Sweet Spot Gold Auto /100 as well as any low-numbered autos/patches(/5 or so) are some priorities.

img023One cool card: My first Ken Anderson 1/1, acquired at a local show in Cincinnati.

One cool stat: Eight — the number of non-1/1 certified autographs I am missing for Anderson. Of those missing, the only ones numbered higher than eight copies are the two I listed above, Sweet Spot and Banner Seasons.

20160223_174129-1_zpss00cjzirBest pull: 2012 Allen & Ginter Lepidoptery Orea Banner 1/1

In his own words: Collecting has been a big part of my life in the last six years or so. I am always looking to add to my collections as well as keeping my eyes open for fellow collectors. What got me started was around 2005 or 2006 — my grandmother gave me a binder full of Pete Rose cards. It was nothing overly special in reality, but being just across the river in Kentucky Pete is an icon. I was pretty young at the time (21 now, 11 or 12 then) and I never really anticipated the hobby ever being as big for me as it is today. My first player collections were Chad Johnson and Ronnie Brown. As Brown began to fizzle out, the desire to continue buying more did as well. Johnson, on the other hand, never completely ceased — it just became less and less of a priority. In 2008 UD Premier released a dual auto of both Johnson and Ken Anderson and that card triggered the transition. My dad was always telling stories of Anderson and how he was the best quarterback that no one talks about. In addition to cards, I also collect memorabilia as you can see in some of the pictures. Game-used items and Mitchell & Ness signed jerseys are some of my favorites.

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