The Famous San Diego Chicken stars in 2016 Donruss from Panini America

2016-Donruss-San-Diego-ChickenThere’s a surprise to be found in some packs of 2016 Donruss that officially arrives Wednesday as cards of Ted Giannoulas — aka The Famous San Diego Chicken — can be found inside.

Card No. 151 in the set is not a veteran, Hall of Famer or rookie — it’s a card of the world-famous and Hall of Famer mascot.

But more important than that card and all of its parallels? There are memorabilia cards and autographed memorabilia cards of the legendary mascot to be found as part of the product’s overall nod back to 1982 — the year of the Chicken’s “Rookie Card.”

The pioneering mascot was included on a card in the 1982 Donruss set as well as in the 1983 and 1984 releases. This year’s set includes The Chicken on a Pink parallel, a Press Proof Gold parallel, four printing plates, then Stat Line Career, Stat Line Season and four Test Proof cards.

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It won’t be the first game-used memorabilia card for a mascot — it’s been done a handful of times in recent years. Panini America received a full costume — so it’s likely that this won’t be the final appearance of these types of cards — and created three different memorabilia cards for this one as well as three autographed memorabilia cards in this one. It’s a total of just 234 cards — 117 of each type.

The breakdown is below:

— Silhouette Materials, 82 cards
— Silhouette Materials Green, 25 cards
— Silhouette Materials Prime, 10 cards
— Silhouette Materials Autographs, 82 cards
— Silhouette Materials Autographs Green, 25 cards
— Silhouette Materials Autographs Prime, 10 cards

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