Gallery: 2016 Donruss baseball cards

Panini America’s flagship baseball card release for the year is here in the form of 2016 Donruss, which is a brand that packs three hits per hobby box and even some chicken.

The brand is one that relies on the staples of collecting — top players from the past and present, autographs, memorabilia, strong photos, vibrant designs and more — while also harkening back to 1982 and other past Donruss releases.

And more is what you just might find inside a box.

Below is a gallery of cards pulled and placed on eBay by collectors and dealers — a mix of inserts, hits and big names.

As previously noted here on The Buzz, nicknames and awards are variations for 12 players. Some of them have more than one variation, too. The rundown:
47 — Josh Donaldson
57 — Bryce Harper
59 — Carlos Correa
60 — Kris Bryant
83 — Mike Trout
178 — Kirby Puckett
179 — Ken Griffey Jr.
181 — Cal Ripken
182 — George Brett
186 — Don Mattingly
187 — Pete Rose
191 — Omar Vizquel

You can see a few of them below within the mix. Buzz will add more images in the coming days.

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