Kenta Maeda autographs coming in 2016 Topps Tribute

16_Topps Tribute Baseball_Kenta-MaedaLos Angeles Dodgers rookie Kenta Maeda will be among the notable inclusions when 2016 Topps Tribute baseball cards arrive on July 13.

He was a star in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball with a triple crown, two nods as the top pitcher in the league and five All-Star nods.

But he won’t be the only rookie signing on for the brand.

16_Topps Tribute Baseball_Raul-mondesiAlso in the mix will be Raul Mondesi, who made his MLB debut in last year’s World Series.

The autographs will all be signed on-card in the product, which includes three autographs and three Relics in every six-pack box. Also on the mix will be Relics from specific milestone games, including the 100th win for Clayton Kershaw, the first home run game for Kris Bryant, the 500th-homer game for David Ortiz and the MLB debut for Carlos Correa.

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