St. Patrick’s Day unis coming soon in MLB & you can own them a few ways

They’ve snuck their way into memorabilia cards in recent years making the actual items used on the field a bit more accessible, but one of the simplest traditions in Major League Baseball is nearly here.

Every big-league team wears green uniforms of some type during action on or around St. Patrick’s Day and, of course, fans can get in on the action, too.

hwl-7There were quite a few cap changes for spring training this year and extra spring branding for uniforms, but the St. Patrick’s Day caps will be keeping with the traditional looks in most instances per the images released by New Era, the company that makes MLB’s fitted on-field caps. You can see a gallery of this year’s models below. (They can be had via New Era’s site or via MLB.)

MLB presently is selling shirts and other St. Patrick’s Day apparel on its website — items that will be available, like the caps, for a relatively limited time. Green jerseys have not been made available to the public en masse.

Available year-round, though, are the trading cards that have game-used memorabilia inside. While the green gear has been around for decades, they’ve not been easily found on cards or as memorabilia cards until recent Panini America releases that sometimes are built around the game-dated swatches and some are not. Check National Treasures’ Boston Red Sox players for starters on these, though other teams and players can be found.

Where do those items come from? It’s not uncommon for MLB Auctions to sell current-year or past-year’s game-used memorabilia in the time leading up to St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 or even in the weeks or months after. Sometimes these pieces can sell for less at auction despite being one-of-a-kind, specific game-dated use because they’re not the traditional pieces used by a team.

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