Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD will include Topps Galactic Connexions discs at Walmart

12804755_847259655401597_7816796834007376349_nStar Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on DVD on April 5 collectors will have to hit Walmart stores for bonus items with the DVD that can’t be found anywhere else.


A selection of Red Starfield Star Wars Galactic Connexions discs will be found with copies of the DVD at the store. The standard two series of the collectable gaming discs have only been sold at Walmart stores this past year or so. The second series arrived in December as did the movie, while Subway stores inside Walmarts also had an exclusive disc set of their own, too.

A total of 75 different characters will be found on the DVD discs but an exact number of them coming with the DVD not teased by Topps. This will offer an added hunt for those seeking to build a set or an extra bonus for those who want to own the DVD. They might even get it free — or even make some money — if they sell their Red Starfield discs.

Copies of the DVD can be pre-ordered for $19.96 on the Walmart site but the discs are not mentioned in the online listing.

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