ABC recruits athletes for newest Dancing With The Stars season … could it pay off for collectors?

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. UFC fighter Paige VanZant. Pittsburgh Steelers receiving machine Antonio Brown. Former CFL/NFL star and Heisman-winner Doug Flutie.

What do they have in common? They’ll all be Dancing With The Stars when the show premieres for yet another season on March 21. 

A fourth of the dozen teams competing on the ballroom dancing competition come from the sports world, and, because of trading cards, they just might be the targets of the show’s fans who want a collectable of their own.

It arguably won’t be the typical sports collectors watching the show, which is in its 22nd season, and Buzz won’t be watching a minute (like any other season), but there are likely to be short-term bumps of interest and price in key cards or autographs from the sports stars. (It’s happened with reality TV and sports stars for sure.) If others had more-available cardboard, they might, too, but celebs Mischa Barton, Kim Fields, Geraldo Rivera, Jodie Sweetin and others simply don’t have any (or many) options.

Interest in three of the four athletes is already decent with Miller’s ring-winning season firmly placing him in the spotlight in the last month, Brown’s break-out season and VanZant recently arriving on her first certified autographs. Flute could end up being the one where added interest is seen easiest.

Miller’s Rookie Cards and many of his autographs can be found in 2011 NFL sets from Topps and Panini America, and Brown is in the 2010 class. Flutie, the veteran of the bunch, appears on nearly 300 autographed cards and more than 1,900 different football cards from his playing days that began in the USFL and ended in 2005.

VanZant has a dozen autographs from 2015 Topps UFC Champions, UFC Chronicles and UFC High Impact. She’ll also have autos in the forthcoming 2016 Topps UFC Knockout arriving on March 30.

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