Brock Osweiler heads to Houston … does it matter for his football cards?

brock-osweilerFirst Peyton Manning, now Brock Osweiler.

The Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos have lost their second quarterback this week as Osweiler will be joining the Houston Texans, according to the NFL Network. It will be a four-year deal for $72 million — a risk the Broncos apparently weren’t willing to take.

Of all the moves agreed to and to come as a new season officially begins today, this and perhaps the DeMarco Murray trade have some hobby potential. Many others, though, don’t figure to matter much on cardboard. Heck, some of the big names signing with new teams — Malik Jackson, for example — don’t even have cards.

colin-kaepernickThis move also could have further hobby implications as guys who were once top names — Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III — now might have a strong spotlight to play in with a Denver defense that could help them look good even when things aren’t.

Osweiler is headed from one team with a top defense to another one. And he’s got a capable young receiver in DeAndre Hopkins on the team — a pairing that could generate some buzz together and establish Osweiler much more than his limited playing time (seven starts) in Denver this season.

In regards to running backs, Doug Martin signed a new deal to stay in Tampa Bay — something that could help his cards if he plays well. Matt Forte has traded his Bears jersey for a Jets uniform — a move that could go either way as a downgrade or upgrade for his cards. Lamar Miller is the new RB in Houston, too, which could help bolster his hobby presence if they play well.

Who do you think will make the most impact on cardboard in a new place? Tell Buzz on Twitter or in a comment below.

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