Panini reveals short-printed variations in 2015-16 Gold Standard

panini-america-2015-16-gold-standard-team-variations-pete-maravich1Base cards are becoming less and less of a find in high-end brands but Panini America has helped keep them on the minds of basketball collectors this year with photo variations in 2015-16 Panini Gold Standard.

And the company has disclosed which variations are the toughest pulls from the high-end product.

panini-america-2015-16-gold-standard-team-variations-wilt-chamberlain2Many players have short-printed variations, but the following eight players’ cards should be considered extra scarce, according to the company:

48 Kevin Garnett, USA Basketball
48 Kevin Garnett, Brooklyn Nets
54 Rajon Rondo, Kentucky Wildcats
61 Paul Pierce, Kansas Jayhawks
61 Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets
63 James Harden, Arizona State Sun Devils
63 James Harden, USA Basketball
151 Damon Stoudamire, Arizona Wildcats
151 Damon Stoudamire, San Antonio Spurs
176 Pete Maravich, LSU Tigers
176 Pete Maravich, Boston Celtics
190 Wilt Chamberlain, Kansas Jayhawks
195 Jerry Stackhouse, Milwaukee Bucks
195 Jerry Stackhouse, Miami Heat
195 Jerry Stackhouse, Atlanta Hawks
195 Jerry Stackhouse, Brooklyn Nets

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