Collecting this Boog Powell isn’t as easy as collecting Boog Powell

boog-powellYou should know the name, but you probably don’t know the player.

At least this one.

His baseball name is Boog Powell, his real name is Herschel. He’s not related to John Wesley Powell, aka Boog Powell, but they share the nickname because his dad was a fan of the Baltimore Orioles icon of the 1960s and the 1970 American League MVP.

boog-powell-1964This new Boog Powell doesn’t have anywhere near the 400-some baseball cards of the original Boog, who is now a barbecue impresario in Baltimore. He was a 20th-round draft pick of the Oakland A’s back in 2012 and has a .308 average in four minor-league seasons.

He’s in the Seattle Mariners spring camp now — you might see a highlight for his defense going around on SportsCenter or online today — after a pair of trades within a year. He’s hit just .200 (4-for-20) with five RBI and two stolen bases this spring and and will probably open the season in Triple-A ball, but that will give some of the card companies time to make his first MLB cards.

All he has right now is a handful of minor league issues — nothing Bowman, nothing prospects-oriented at all — despite a legendary piece of trivia in his name.

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