Buzz Collector Profile: Jeff Cayce, a Tennessee Vols football superfan

Jeff Jude_zpse0yl3emy
Jeff Cayce

Also known as: jcayce or jeffcayce or @CayceJeff or The Big Kat (just a nickname)
Website: Top 10 NeedsUltimate Want List

Location: Franklin, Tenn.
Work away from cards: Technical sales manager and father of two boys
Collecting since: 1986-1992, 2007-present

Main focus: Tennessee Vols Football (college or senior bowl uniform)

BuzzProfiles-LogoFavorite players/teams: Tennessee Vols football

Current collecting projects: Complete cataloged database of UT uniformed cards (currently at 85 percent complete minus 1/1s, 76 percent if 1/1s are included). Also love finding sample, promos, variations, schedules and oddball cards of the Vols.

2009 PLAYOFF NATIONAL TREASURES COLLEGE MATERIAL SIGNATURE 13 1_zpsxc4dagdnOne cool card: My three Peyton Manning 1/1 cards: Why are these great? They came from the collection of volsguy16 (Chris Hoffner). He was my second contact in a web of networking in the collecting card community. We traded, we became great friends and now he has moved on but these remind me of his dedication to his collection that was passed to me. He also sold them to me for pennies on the dollar for no reason at all.

Cool stats:

Vols collection category Stat
Total cards 20,730
Different cards 9,660
Different players 469
Autographs 1,095
Memorabilia 495
Book value $  68,324
No book value 273
Not booked 385
Not priced 113
Numbered cards 2,822
1/1s 106
Numbered — 5 or less 183
Numbered — 10 or less 287
Numbered — 15 or less 318
Numbered — 25 or less 579
Numbered — 50 or less 887
Numbered — 75 or less 1,017
Numbered — 100 or less 1,409
Numbered — 250 or less 1,751
Numbered — 500 or less 2,081
Numbered — 750 or less 2,193
Numbered — 1,000 or less 2,386
Numbered — 5,000 or less 2,600
Different players with autos 132
College uniform without 1/1s 85%
College uniform with 1/1s 76%

Jeff Jude 2_zpssvqhkyonIn his own words: I collect Tennessee Football because it is my passion and I know that someday my boys will enjoy them because of the depth of the collection. I don’t just buy one of every card, I try and complete every run I start. Although I can get down when I see a new checklist and sometimes I have to pass on high-end cards, I try and be patient and make this fun. The hunt never stops, which is what’s super-fun about this hobby. I meet members all the time and try my best to help them find cards to complete their collections. That is the only way to make it ahead in the hobby. And I will say that is the only reason I have a collection like this today. Please take a look at my top 10 want list on Blowout and overall want list there let me know if you can help or I can help you hunt things down.

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One thought on “Buzz Collector Profile: Jeff Cayce, a Tennessee Vols football superfan

  1. Nathan Burns February 26, 2017 / 9:01 am

    Great collections and ever better guy. We have a local shop and he has bent over backwards to help it succeed.


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