Leaf clarifies Tom Brady autograph quantities in Leaf Metal Draft

Leaf-Tom-BradyLeaf Trading Cards has clarified the production volumes on some of its Tom Brady autographs after questions about the cards after the company released the cards with corrected stamping.

The cards can be found in boxes of 2016 Leaf Metal Draft. A layer of white foil covers the incorrect serial-numbering underneath the correct numbers, which are foil-stamped.

“They were originally misnumbered. Since they were already signed, we had to renumber. Numbering matches the website,” said one of a few tweets from the company regarding the Brady cards. “We apologize for any inconvenience. Our checklist clearly states print run. This is a non-event from my perspective. … The other option was to remove him from the product. We did what we felt was best for our customers. … It was fix numbering or have them numbered out of much higher numbers which would hurt value more.”

For the Brady cards, there are five Blue, three Purple, two Pink and one apiece for Black, Green, Red, Gold and Super. It appears that the cards had been mistakenly numbered the same as other players found in the product. Brady, of course, is a much more-expensive signature to obtain.

Production corrections are not that uncommon. Two past examples of this can be found in the 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot baseball set where many of the Sweet Spot Signatures can be found with a foil square on one corner used to cover serial-numbering that was apparently aborted due to changes in production volume or printing mistakes. You can see an example of that below. (The foil on those has not aged well in many instances.)

Another scenario that has happened with missing or incorrect card numbers have been added or replaced using stickers. One example of that can be found on the 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Michael Inoa autograph, which can be found with and without a card number applied as a sticker. (Oddly, the sticker does not match the card number of those with a printed, non-sticker number.) There have been other examples of simple fixes like these from nearly all companies in the last 20 years as production on products — and the volume of those products — has increased and become more complicated with tiered deadlines due to the addition of game-used and autographed cards.

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