First Buzz: 2016 Bowman Chrome baseball cards (aka Return of the Vending Box)

16_Bowman Chrome Baseball_VENDINGBOX5What: 2016 Bowman Chrome baseball cards
Arrives: Sept. 7
Box basics — Hobby: six packs and one autograph per mini-box, two mini-boxes per box (12 boxes per case); Vending: 80 cards total — 33 Chrome base cards, 33 Chrome Prospects cards, three autographs, five Bowman Chrome Prospects exclusive Refractors, six Bowman Scouts Updates inserts.

What’s buzz-worthy: One of the hobby’s heavyweights returns with a new mini-box format for standard boxes and a vending box option — complete with exclusives — for those who rip in bulk.

See a gallery and more … below.

16_Bowman Chrome Baseball_VENDINGBOX4The Basics: The new look also comes with some new inclusions — Arizona Fall League cards and Relics – along “with a richer rate of color variations.” … Prospects will have standard Refractors along with Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, Red and 1/1 Superfractor and printing plates. On-card prospect autos will have the same rainbow but no Gold in standard wax. … Rookie autos will have the same rainbow. (Most production quantities are TBD for autos.) … Also among the autograph options will be Prime Position autos with Green, Gold, Orange and Supers — while prep All-American cards also will be in the mix.

16_Bowman Chrome Baseball_HOBBY-4

The Arizona Fall League inserts will be hobby-only focusing on Fall Stars, while Bowman Scouts and Out of the Game will focus on impact players with a retro design.  The first two inserts here will have autographed parallels. … The AFL Fall Stars Game Relics will be jumbo swatches from game-used memorabilia for top players — hats, bases and bats — with parallels that will include Orange (/25) and 1/1 Superfractors. … Also in play will be Refractors That Never Were — with autographs — and Blue Shimmer Hot Packs. … The base set size was not revealed but those cards will have a rainbow of Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange (/25), Red (/5) and 1/1 Supers and plates. All but standard Refractors will be serial-numbered — volumes are TBD.

Among the Vending Box exclusives will be 33 base cards from 2016 Bowman printed on Chrome stock, and Black & Gold Prospect Refractors. … The Gold Prospect autos will only be found in Vending, not in any other packs. … Some boxes will have Orange Shimmer packs.

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