First Buzz: 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions trading cards

2016-upper-deck-goodwin-champions-holly-holm-autographWhat: 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions trading cards
Arrives: July 6 (and also later via e-Pack)
Box basics: three hits per 20-pack box, 16 boxes per case (two eight-box inner cases)

What’s buzz-worthy: Upper Deck’s eclectic mix of everything goes in heavy on MMA stars this year with the first certified autographs of Holly Holm along with other notables such as Miesha Tate, CM Punk and Paige VanZant, while also including an impressive array of the unusual and the historic.

See a gallery and more … below.

The Basics:
 This year, the Museum Collection artifacts cards focus on World War II, while Alice in Wonderland gets some attention, too, with an array of inserts that includes cuts from an early copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and painted booklet cards. … Among the signers for this one will include Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Bret “Hitman” Hart and LeBron James. … For other inserts, there will be mini parallels — a new wood version (/8) in the mix — replica cut sigs from signers of the Declaration of Independence, supernatural creatures, Origin of Species patch cards (this year mammals) and classic speech audio booklets. … To go with the Museum Collection cards there will be 20 World War II veterans’ autographs to be found, while there will be booklet memorabilia cards in the mix for that niche for the first time, too. … Each inner case will include three rare mini cards limited to no more than 25 copies, at least two supernatural cards, at least two patch cards and one premium memorabilia card.  … The three hits per box will come from a mix of autographs, memorabilia, patches, booklets, supernatural lenticulars, Museum Collection, cut sigs and audio booklets. Each box also will include six minis, five Black & White SPs and five Goudey inserts. … A checklist was not released.

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