First Buzz: 2016 Topps High Tek baseball cards

2016-topps-high-tek-2What: 2016 Topps High Tek baseball cards
Arrives: Oct. 12
Box basics:
 One autograph per six-card box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: The heavily paralleled and hit-driven adventure called Tek returns for another season with a new batch of designs and textures to captivate those who have chased it the last few years and dazzle those who didn’t.

Keep reading for more as well as a full gallery of images.

2016-topps-high-tek-1The Basics: 
The third edition of Tek since its return promises to have more patterns and added short-prints along with “unannounced surprises” that are part of “the growing buzz that is Topps High Tek baseball.” (Buzz likes that last part.) … Pattern One of the base set will have six parallel versions — Tidal Diffractor, Green Rainbow (/TBD), Orange Magma (/25) and six types of 1/1s in Black Rainbow, Black Galactic and four colors of printing proofs. (Will there be other patterns? Seems likely based on preliminary info.) … Three types of insert cards will be found with home uniform short-prints, Bright Horizons and Highlights. Each will be serial-numbered. … The autographs will include past and present players with Tek autos featuring on-card autos and the following parallels — Gold Rainbow (/TBD), Orange Magma (/25), Red Orbit (/5) and 1/1 Black Galactic and Printing Proofs. Also in the mix with ink will be buyback autos from the original Tek run from 1998-2000 as well as auto parallels for Bright Horizons and Highlights. … Numbered inserts will be found one per case, while parallel cards will be found one per pack.

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