Topps & Carlos Correa join forces to help Houston Children’s Charity

correaFrontThe reigning American League Rookie of the Year wants to help some future stars sleep well and a new charity program will them help do that via a limited edition baseball card and other possibilities that could get the attention of collectors.

Carlos Correa and Topps have joined forces to create a card for the Restless for the Cause initiative through Houston Children’s Charity. The program will provide beds, blankets and pillows to kids who don’t have them in the Houston area.


The card will go to those who pledge to donate $1 for every hit the Astros shortstop records this season. For a $2-per-hit donation, they add on a shirt. For $3, they add a cap. For a $5-per donation, they add on a bag. For $10 per hit, a donor will get all those things as well as an autographed Topps card and an autographed Marucci mini bat. For those who donate $20 per hit, they also will have a chance to meet Correa.

For more information about the program visit Houston Children’s Charity here.

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