Topps’ Jackie Robinson Edition baseball sets from 2013 include shot at Superfractors, cut autographs

2013-topps-jackie-robinson-chrome-1952Many of us can’t afford to land a copy of Jackie Robinson’s iconic 1952 Topps card — his first Topps card that sells for hundreds in low grade and thousands in high grade — but a Jackie Robinson Day special today from Blowout Cards gives us all a shot at the next-best thing.

2013-topps-factory-set-jackie-robinsonOh, and a shot at a cut autograph, too.

In 2013, Topps released a version of its flagship factory set with Chrome bonus cards of that Robinson card as well as rarer parallels and cut autographs in the mix. The set was one of a few options for those wanting to buy the set all at once rather than build it from packs.

2013-topps-jackie-robinson-chrome-1955-goldThe three cards reprinted here are his 1952, 1953 and 1955 Topps cards and one card can be found in every set. There are also Gold Refractors (one in every six sets) and Superfractor versions (one in every 8,676 sets) to be found. Cut autograph reprints, which are just as rare as the Supers, are also listed on the per-box odds. (There is likely to be one copy per year for both the cuts and the Supers.)

2013-topps-kyle-Kendrick-ERRORThe 2013 Topps set includes all the rookies (Manny Machado, Jose Fernandez, Yasiel Puig and Shelby Miller for example) and all of the expected stars from that year, while the factory sets also have a shot at a error/variation card only found in these boxes.

There’s a version of card No. 71 where the photo on Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick was not cropped to fit properly in the photo frame. This rare card has still sold for as much as $80 in recent months, though it’s not found in all factory sets.

Click here for the (limit one) Jackie Robinson Day sale price on the 2013 Topps Jackie Robinson Edition factory set.

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