PSA 9 Willie Mays 1952 Topps card opens Heritage sale at $200,000


Update: The card sold for $478,000.

“The Say Hey Kid” will likely be the next icon of the past to set a record on the auction block as one of the highest-graded specimens of a key card is now up for grabs via Heritage Auctions.

The card is a PSA 9 copy of Willie Mays1952 Topps card and the opening bid is $200,000.

Only one card has graded higher of the 1,500-plus to have been inspected and slabbed by PSA — and only eight other copies have received the Mint 9 grade. The only card higher is a perfect PSA 10.

The more-iconic Mickey Mantle card from that set has dominated in recent years at auction when in high grade — $179,250 (July 2014), $382,400 (July 2015), $525,800 (December 2015) — so this higher-grade icon should spark interest once the auction’s closing nears.

Click here to view the auction.

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