First Buzz: 2016 Rittenhouse Star Trek The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 trading cards

TNG-Patrick-Stewart_ST_TOS_SilverPenAutoFWhat: 2016 Rittenhouse Star Trek: The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 trading cards
Arrives: July 27
Box basics: Three autographed cards per 24-pack box.

What’s buzz-worthy: The second of two series of Star Trek cards with art from Juan Ortiz revisiting The Next Generation includes one sketch card per 12-box case and a deep roster of autographs including plenty of notable first-time signers.

Keep reading for more. We’ll have a full gallery of images here soon.

TNG-Mick-Fleetwood_TNGAutoFThe Basics: Among those first-time signers? Musician Mick Fleetwood, who played an alien in an episode. He’ll be among more than 30 signers, a group that includes Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher), Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf), Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar), Samantha Eggar (Marie Picard), Mitchell Ryan (Kyle Riker), Marcus Nash (Ens. Jean-Luc Picard), Madchen Amick (Anya), Brian Brophy (Cmdr. Maddox), Pamela Winslow (Ens. McKnight), Stephanie Beacham (Regina Bartholemew), Doug Wert (Jack Crusher), Jennifer Nash (Meribor), Erich Anderson (Cmdr. Keiran MacDuff), Deidrich Bader (Tactical Officer), Kerrie Keane (Alexana Devos), Robert Costanzo (Slade Bender).

The basic set will consist of 88 cards and each will have a one-per-box gold-signature parallel as well as an artist auto parallel. … Among the inserts are nine Ships of the Line, 40 TNG Comics cards, 40 TNG Comics Archive Cuts with panels cut from original comic books, nine TNG Universe Art and 10 TNG Metal cards found one per case. … There will be two case-topper cards of “I am Locutus” and “Q” while a six-case incentive card will feature Brent Spiner and Denise Crosby autos. A nine-case incentive will include a painted sketch card from Mick Glebe, Matt Glebe or Charles Hall, while the 18-case incentive will be a Series 2 Archive Box with an exclusive metal card of Q.

Among the sketch card artists for this one will be Irma Ahmed, Kristin Allen, Leon Braojos, Francois Chartier, Adam Cleveland, Roy Cover, David Day, Anthony Douglas, Marcia Dye, Norman Jim Faustino, Connie Faye, Javier Gonzalez, Dan Gorman, James Hiralez, Michael Horgan, Scout Houseman, Gavin Hunt, Laura Inglis, Seth Ismart, John Jackman, Mike James, Jason Kemp, Achilleas Kokkinakis, Rich Kunz, Lee Lightfoot, Tirso Llaneta, Eva Mae, Jeff Mallinson, Warren Martineck, Eric McConnell, Chris Meeks, Rich Molinelli, Nathan Nelson, Tanner Padlo, Gener Pedrina, Prescilla Petraites, Jason Potratz, Brent Ragland, Ian Roberts, Scott Rorie, Jason Saldajeno, Richard Salvucci, Danny Silva, Emily Tester, Brad Utterstrom and Helga Wojik.

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