Buzz Break: 2015 Topps WWE Heritage cards (blaster case)

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s-l1600-3The case: 2015 Topps WWE Heritage cards (blaster boxes)
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Boxes per case: 16
Packs per box:
 7 (plus one-card bonus Relic pack)
Cards per pack: 9
Cards per box: 64
Base set completion: 
110 of 110 (100 percent)
Duplicates: plenty of extras — see next category

Notable stats about this break – Received between four and six copies of every card in the 110-card base set and completed each of the insert sets at least once, excluding parallels. (Did not receive any parallels rarer than the one-per-box Black versions.) Created just one of the 10-card nWo sets, but the case yielded three of the 2K16 sets, three Rookie of the Year, two Then & Now (one card short of a third) and four NXT Called Up insert sets.

Keep reading to see the full breakdown … and the hits.

2015-topps-heritage-New-dayInsert cards: 403
Black parallel (19) – Charlotte, Kevin Owens, Edge, Undertaker, Tyler Breeze, Lana, The New Day, Trish Stratus, Bruno Sammartino, The Miz, Damien Sandow, Naomi, Sgt. Slaughter, Kamala, Virgil, Ryback, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, King Barrett.

nWo Spotlight (18) – Scott Hall (2), Kevin Nash (2), The Giant (2), Syxx (2), Miss Elizabeth (2), Mr. Wallstreet (2), Big Bubba Rogers, Curt Hennig (2), Bret Bart, Stevie Ray (2).

2K16 (28) – Steve Austin (3), Daniel Bryan (4), King Barrett (4), Paul Heyman (4), Seth Rollins (3), Steve Austin – second card (4), Paige (3), Finn Balor (3).

Rookie of the Year (112) – Paul Orndorff (4), Roddy Piper (4), Davey Boy Smith (4), Jake Roberts (4), Ultimate Warrior (4), Shawn Michaels (3), Earthquake (4), Undertaker (4), I.R.S. (3), Razor Ramon (4), Diesel (4), Kama (3), Hunter Hearst Helmsley (4), Mark Henry (4), Kane (4), Edge (4), Chris Jericho (4), Lita (4), Brock Lesnar (4), Joey Mercury (3), The Miz (4), Santino Marella (4), Dolph Ziggler (3), Sheamus (4), Daniel Bryan (3), Sin Cara (3), Dean Ambrose (4), Bray Wyatt (4), Rusev (3), Neville (4).

Then & Now (90) – Batista (3), Big Show (4), Booker T (3), Brock Lesnar (3), Chris Jericho (3), Christian (3), Daniel Bryan (3), Damien Sandow (3), Darren Young (3), Dean Ambrose (3), Edge (3), Goldust (3), Hornswoggle (3), Jamie Noble (3), JBL (3), Joey Mercury (3), John Cena (3), Kane (3), Mark Henry (2), The Miz (3), Randy Orton (3), Ryback (3), Seth Rollins (3), Sting (3), Steve Austin (3), Triple H (3), Trish Stratus (3), Undertaker (3), William Regal (3), Zack Ryder (3).

NXT Called Up (136) – Bad News Barrett (5), David Otunga (4), Heath Slater (5), Darren Young (4), Daniel Bryan (4), Ryback (4), Alex Riley (5), Curtis Axel (4), Naomi (4), Titus O’Neil (5), Dean Ambrose (4), Roman Reigns (4), Seth Rollins (4), Big E (5), Bo Dallas (5), Bray Wyatt (5), Luke Harper (5), Erick Rowan (4), Adam Rose (4), Summer Rae (4), Xavier Woods (4), Emma (4), Byron Saxton (5), Rusev (5), Lana (4), Paige (5), Konnor (5), Viktor (5), Kalisto (4), Neville (5).

Autographs/Memorabilia: 16
Money in The Bank Mat Relic (5) – Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, King Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods

Black Shirt Relic (1) – Goldust (/50)
Shirt Relic (10) – Charlotte, Daniel Bryan, Neville, Sheamus, Aiden English, Jack Swagger, Rusev, Konnor, Samoa Joe, Damien Sandow

What’s Buzz-worthy: This case was a part of last week’s April Showers promotion, which is now in its final run and was a fun bargain rip with a Relic in every box and a rich product that’s all about photography and info from the past and present of the WWE with the memorable — but not always perfect — 1985 Topps baseball design. … The simple results here are in part a reflection of the simplicity of this product — not that many parallels — and it being a retail mix. But the set is a quality one that’s overlooked because it’s not as heavy on hits. For a wrestling fan, this was a fun bargain break — and there’s plenty more potential on the Relics front that Buzz did not land. Despite that, at its price, it still gets an A.

Product Grade: A
Case Grade:
Fun Grade: A

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