First Buzz: 2016 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards

2016-Upper-deck-Marvel-masterpieces-6What: 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces trading cards
Arrives: June 29
Box basics: one sketch per 12-pack box (12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: The Marvel Masterpieces brand is back with a featured artist — Joe Jusko — and an array of insert cards and buybacks that make the small box feel like something big.

Keep reading for more — and a gallery of images.

2016-Upper-deck-Marvel-masterpieces-3The Basics:
 Besides the Jusko-themed sketch in every box, there will be one 1992 Marvel Masterpieces stamped buyback card and one numbered card limited to no more than 99 copies. … Each pack will include one numbered base card and two inserts or parallels. … There will be three Jusko autographs found per case. Those will be either base autos limited to 10, variant autos limited to 10 or autographed buybacks limited to 15. Also found in every case will be an insert limited to 25 or fewer copies and one “mirage” lenticular card. … Also in the mix here will be redemptions for uncut sheets and parallels — Battle Spectra Gem, Holofoil and Gallery. … One of the parallels will show a character introduced into a new take on the comic book cover that showed the character’s origin. … The cards will all be printed on premium card stock. … Also in the mix will be 1/1 printing plates.

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