Norman Rockwell original art expected to push $500,000 via upcoming Heritage Auctions sale

lf-2An original piece of Norman Rockwell promotional artwork is up for grabs via Heritage Auctions and is expected to fetch a hefty sum because of its famous creator.

But it’s also got a famous owner, too.

lfThe piece is owned by legendary comedian Jerry Lewis and the piece was created for his 1960 film Cinderfella, which was a twist on the memorable Cinderella story. This 17- by 23-inch piece is a combination of oil and pencil on canvas and has been in Lewis’ collection since Rockwell presented it to him.

It cost Lewis $50,000 to commission the piece and that’s a fraction of its opening bid in the auction, which is $150,000. According to Heritage, Rockwell did not produce items for movies often and one of those pieces sold for more than $600,000 via the company in 2013.

The auction closes on May 7 and as part of the promotion for the auction the 90-year-old briefly discusses the piece in the video below.

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