Just $25 can get you an autograph of Barry Bonds? Apparently so — and it’s straight from Bonds himself

bbball2-shopify_1024x1024Nobody in the history of Major League Baseball hit more home runs than Barry Bonds and that means his autograph will always be in demand to some degree.

If you’re like many collectors, you may not have a Bonds auto in your stash, but there’s one way to land one without a lot of work — and without a boatload of cash.

You can get one straight from Bonds himself.

715-HR-Photo-Stat-Card_c47525d9-d056-42a8-a0f1-b45723f7b36c_1024x1024A tweet from Bonds on Friday promised a new line of memorabilia coming soon — and a discount code of “MOM” will be good for 20 percent off next week (excluding memorabilia — but in some instances a discount isn’t really needed.

You can get a Bonds autograph for as little as $25 (on a 700 home run mini bat), $49.99 on a photo stat display, $70 on a Foto Ball and slightly more on a handful of other items. The only item over $200 — arguably typical past territory for the price of a Bonds auto — is an authentic MLB ball for $225.

In all, eight items are presently available signed via BarryBonds.com and just two are priced over the $100 mark. Sure, they’re mostly dated from around his chase of 715, but that is a moment that perhaps matters most in terms of his on-field legacy.

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