May the Fourth can be with you — even if you’re a baseball fan

2016-Topps-Star-Wars-Tribute-1It’s the fourth day of May and, of course, that’s got a Star Wars tie. (If you don’t get it, you probably haven’t seen the movies.)

As part of this holiday of sorts Topps has created the 2016 Topps Star Wars Tribute baseball set — a series of prints and jumbo cards in the style of the memorable early Star Wars stickers made by the company way back in 1977.

2016-Topps-Star-Wars-Tribute-11These will only be available on for 24 hours with 10-by-14 standard (green) posters limited to only 10 copies apiece at $34.99 and a gold version limited to one copy at $99.99 and up.

A pair of 5-by-7 sets also are available with the standard set limited to 99 copies at $29.99 and a gold set limited to 10 copies at $199.99. There are 15 players among the lineups and you can see all of them in our gallery below.

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