Gallery: 2016 Upper Deck Captain America: Civil War autographs & memorabilia cards

2016-upper-deck-captain-america-civil-war-10Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters tomorrow, but Marvel fans don’t have to wait to see more of the blockbuster film thanks to the newest trading card release from Upper Deck.

Each box of 2016 Upper Deck Captain America: Civil War includes one autograph, sketch or “premium insert” as well as two memorabilia cards.

2016-upper-deck-captain-america-civil-war-46Among the top signers this time around are Chris Evans (Captain America) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), while many of the notables — and some newcomers — are found on memorabilia cards.

The dual auto of Renner and Evans is presently commanding some impressive prices on eBay, while, ultimately, this product just offers a deep and healthy look at the stars of the film when it comes to the hits. The sketches, artist autos, impressive inserts and base set are just a bonus.

Check out just some of the hits in our gallery below.

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