Red is one color you’ll want to see in new third series of Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions


The third series of Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions arrived in Walmart stores yesterday and there’s one color besides gold that you’ll want to see inside packs of the collectable gaming discs.

Imperial Red.

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That’s the color for one of nine Ultra Rare discs found in the release. There are five Battle Damaged discs, one Imperial Red, two Slave-I and one 14-karat gold disc. This time, that one will feature The Millennium Falcon.

This third release includes 100 different discs and each of them has 14 parallels of varying scarcity as part of the game. It also appears that there are exclusives in different packages found in the collectibles aisles vs. the toy aisles’ displays. (No further details were revealed there.)

Just like other types of collectibles where there are fans who want to avoid the chase and add to their collections without ripping packs, there has been decent demand for the rarer pieces in online auctions. Meanwhile, asking prices for rare discs and bulk lots are also strong.

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