On Friday night, Metallica played “Happy Birthday” for Willie Mays — tonight their guitars can be yours

Metallica-giants-5A pair of guitars are heating things up on the auction block — but not where you might expect.

They can be found on MLB Auctions.

One of the headlines from Friday read, “Metallica serenades Willie Mays during San Francisco Giants’ 4th-annual Metallica Night” — an event where members of the Bay Area band played “Happy Birthday” for Mays (he turned 85 yesterday) and played the national anthem before the game. Their equipment from that night is being auctioned for charity.

Metallica-giants-1The guitars played by James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have been signed by all four members of the band (drummer Lars Ulrich threw out the first pitch while bassist Robert Trujillo was nearby) and they are up for auction for the next 11 hours or so tonight along with a few other pieces.

The auctions end at 10 p.m. Eastern with Hetfield’s custom-made ESP “Snakebyte” at $5,300 after three bids and Hammett’s custom-made ESP “KH2 Vintage” at $5,000 after two bids. Each of the guitars has been MLB Authenticated with a silver sticker affixed to the headstock for each piece.

Five band-signed Giants jerseys bearing No. 81 (the year the band formed) are also up for grabs — each presently around the $500 mark — with a signed bat and a pair of signed photos also in the auction.

To get in on the action, you can check out the auctions here. Proceeds from the sales benefit the Giants Community Fund as well as the Surfrider Foundation and Amnesty International.

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