eBay Buzz: PSA 10 Michael Jordan sticker fetches big money

PSA-10-Michael-Jordan-stickerFocused basketball collectors on the Blowout forum recently noted an uptick in high-grade 1986-87 Fleer stickers, which makes sense since that landmark release is a heavily collected set.

But the sale of a Michael Jordan sticker from two years later — a set that’s much easier to find — might spark even more interest as a PSA 10 copy of an 1988-89 Fleer MJ sold for big bucks Tuesday night on eBay.

After 44 bids, the auction ended at $24,350. (No, seriously, go look.)

Only seven copies of this card have received this grade out of nearly 1,200 that have been slabbed by PSA. A total of 147 have received a PSA 9, while most cards (523) check in at a PSA 8.

Not bad considering this is a card that you can grab for less than $10 raw.

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