BlowoutTV’s 1973 Topps box break: Who gets the Mike Schmidt spot? That gets answered tonight …

SchmidtIf you hadn’t heard, BlowoutTV is breaking a box of 1973 Topps baseball cards live on Friday night.

Last night, the randomization of 660 spots to determine who got each card in the set — no matter how many show up in the box — took place. The key spot, card No. 615 aka the Rookie Card of Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, randomly went to one of five winners who retweeted a Blowout contest.

Who got the card? Nobody yet … so keep reading.

1973-Topps-boxJust in case a big card was found among the five spots earmarked for a Twitter winner, we wanted to make sure each of those winners had an added equal shot at it. So tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern right here the five winners’ Twitter names will be randomized to see who gets that spot in the break — @cardingpro97, @OilCanIan, @PCdrew, @MnTom5 and TBD. (The fifth winner did not claim their winnings via Twitter.)

The others will get one of the other spots in the break that were drawn for a winner. Here’s the rundown of those spots. (And here is a rundown of all spots.)

Buzz Giveaway Spot 1 — 455 Bill Melton (won by @MnTom5)
Buzz Giveaway Spot 2 — 458 Jim Mason (won by TBD)
Buzz Giveaway Spot 3 — 615 Mike Schmidt (RC) (HOF) (won by @PCdrew)
Buzz Giveaway Spot 4 — 628 Jim Slaton (won by @cardingpro97)
Buzz Giveaway Spot 5 — 508 Gates Brown (won by @OilCanIan)

You can click here to watch the archived randomization video.

Once that dust settles — and others in the break settle their trades — the break will take place. It’s set for Friday night at 10 p.m. Eastern. It will be broadcast right here.

There’s no guarantee that a Schmidt will be found in the box — but you never know. With collation of old boxes, anything is possible. (Maybe we’ll see two?)

Keep watching the Buzz for occasional contests with cards from box breaks coming soon.

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