First Buzz: 2016 Super Break Hybrid

SuperBreakWhat: 2016 Super Break Hybrid
Arrives: June 15
Box basics: Two buyback cards and two memorabilia pieces per box (three boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Super Break’s next product includes a mix of everything — literally 50 categories that the company will break down on a list in every box. Everything from The Bar to game-used and high-end buyback cards can be found.

The Basics:
There will be buyback cards from the four major sports with signed vintage rookies, modern stars, patches, BGS 10 black-label cards and more possible.  On the memorabilia side there will be jerseys, gloves, cleats, Presidential cuts, documents, team-signed items, photos (as large as 16×20), flags, records and magazines. … These boxes will carry a suggested retail price of $399.95.

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Here’s the checklist for types of items found in this one:

2016 Super Break Hybrid Checklist
Graded Basketball buyback Modern (1990-Present)
Graded Basketball buyback Vintage (1989-Before)
Ungraded Basketball buyback
Graded Baseball buyback Modern (1990-Present)
Graded Baseball buyback Vintage (1989-Before)
Ungraded Baseball buyback
Graded Football buyback Modern (1990-Present)
Graded Football buyback Vintage (1989-Before)
Ungraded Football buyback
Graded Hockey buyback
Ungraded Hockey buyback
All Other Sports buyback
The Bar Basketball
The Bar Baseball
The Bar Football
The Bar Presidential
The Bar Historicial (Non Presidential)
The Bar Musical
Signed Football Jersey QB
Signed Football Jersey RB
Signed Football Jersey WR
Signed Football Jersey All Others
Signed Baseball Jersey
Game Used Basketball Jersey & Practice Jerseys
Game Used Basketball Shorts
Game Used Basketball Pants
Game Used Basketball Warm Up Suit (Pants & Jacket)
Game Used Baseball Batting Gloves
Presidential Documents
Signed Cuts (Not With Photos)
Signed Magazines & Locker Room Signs
Signed Tickets & Signed Historical Items (Non Sport)
Signed Cuts Matted W/ Photos
Game Used Shoes/Cleats
Signed Record Albums/Signed Books
Signed Baseballs & Signed Baseball Photos (Smaller than 8X10)
Signed Golf Flags
Mears LOA Football (American) Jersey
Mears LOA Soccer Jersey/Shirts
Super Souvenirs
Signed Checks Framed W/ Photo
Signed 8X10 Photo Sport
Signed 8X10 Photo Non Sport
Signed 11X14 Photos
Signed 16X20 Photos Multi Signed
Signed 16X20 Photo Baseball (one signature)
Signed 16X20 Photo Basketball (one signature)
Signed 16X20 Photo Football (one signature)
Signed 16X20 Photo Boxing (one signature)
Signed 16X20 Photos All Others (one signature)

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